An award-winning creativity specialist and teaching artist, I have extensive experience in cross-curricula innovation and community engagement for diverse populations. As an interdisciplinary artist, I am a team player, communicator and relationship-builder. I have served as a consultant to corporations and other institutions, and am an effective public speaker. I design unique problem-solving strategic events encouraging creativity and community.

My educational initiatives, often feature a community service component, encourage new ways of thinking and problem-solving and broaden of the artist’s world view beyond the proverbial Ivory Tower.  In addition to exposing students to formal art issues, art history and mastery of technology, in an ever-changing world, the mission of arts education should be to teach creative thinking, social awareness and community building. The curricula I have developed provide such a portal, through which a broad range of students with varying academic abilities, cultural backgrounds and ambitions has been engaged.

RISD, BFA with honors; Tyler, MFA